size="2">aircrafts: five
Boeing-757-200, five Boeing-737-200, three DC-10-30
(McDonnell DOUGLAS Aircraft company) and Russian
aircraft IL-86;

TRANSAERO is the first airline in
Russia which offered to use the System of Flight Data
Decoding for the foreign manufactured aircraft;

Control and maintenance service
coming from the competent TRANSAERO engineering
experts and security inspectors provides the serious
multistep checking system and to be sure in
reliability and safety of aircraft operating;

The airlines Security in
cooperation with airport staff provides a special set
of measures to guarantee security of passengers,
luggage, cargo and aircraft both on the ground and in
the air.

Requrement of high quality TRANSAERO in-flight

Choice of reliable and comfortable

Special selection of colour in
quete palette of cabin interior;

Cabin configuration with enlarge
seat pitch (980 mm step in business-class and 870 mm
in economy);

Comfortable armchairs both in
business and economy class, according to to the
international standard parameters;

Catering equipment able to provide
high standard service even with complete load and
maximum range of flight;

Menu specially work out taking into
consideration seasons, directions and duration of
flights, meals prepared according to international

Special meals: vegetarian,
vegetarian lacto-ovo, vegetarian Asian, vegetarian
Indian, children, baby-meal, kosher, Moslem, seafood,
diabetic, low cholesterol, low protein, non
dairy/lactose free, low salt/sodium, low calorie,
Hindi, gastric, low residue, bland, low purine,
gluten free by the advanced order on booking the air

Wide range of spirit and soft
drinks, juices, cocktails without any limitations;

Offering Hot meal choice either to
the passengers of business or economy class;

In-flight service technique
elaborated on the basis of international standards;

Individual audio and video systems
on board;

Interesting and entertaining video

On board Duty Free sale
organization on international and domestic flights;

Wide choice of the periodic
editions and regular issues of the in-flight magazine
"Flight UN" on all TRANSAERO destinations
(in Russian and English);

Foreseeing games, drawing boards,
puzzles and pencils, books for children.

Growing number of comfortable
Business Class Lounges for as for international
passengers as for the passengers of domestic flights
either in Moscow airport Sheremetyevo-1, or in
Alma-Ata, Novosibirsk, Nizhevartovsk, Tel-Aviv,
Berlin and Frankfurt;

Opportunity of reservation and
settlement of the hotel accommodation already at
booking or purchasing of the ticket;

Limousine-service for the
passengers, travelling from Frankfurt, Berlin and Los

Possibility to become the
participant of the unique privileges programmes for
the customers of TRANSAERO such as "PRIVILEGE" size="3">, "TRANSAERO-CLUB" size="3"> and "VISA-MENATEP-TRANSAERO";

Opportunity of transit flight
without leaving the area of airport Sheremetyevo.

Wide range of TRANSAERO Airlines sale
offices in Russia, CIS and other countries size="5">.