TRANSAERO Passenger Information

TRANSAERO’s services for comfortable, efficient flight

All TRANSAERO’s flights out of Moscow operated from Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal 1.

Reservation of seats

Passengers are advised to reserve their seats well in advance. Applications can be made at any airline office or travel agency. The seat may be, however, reserved only after the ticket of the respective flight has been purchased. Confirmed seating is indicated in the "Reservation Status" box of the ticket by code "OK". Code "RQ" indicates that it is not possible to confirm the requested seat yet.


Please confirm yours continuing or return reservation if you break your journey for more than 72 hours. To do so, please contact the nearest sales office of the Transaero at least 72 hours prior to the departure of your next flight. Failure to do this may result in the cancellation of your following reservations.

Cancellation of seats

Please cancel your reservation if there is a change in your travel plans. Should you not make use of a confirmed booking all further reservations may be automatically canceled.

Special Meals

TRANSAERO offers a Special Meals service for passengers wishing special food for medical or religious reasons. Please request at least 24 hours before departure.

Before Your flight


TRANSAERO offers a variety check-in services at its homebase Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal 1 and airports of destinations.

For our Domestic passengers.

Check-in at any airport for domestic flights is available 2 hours before departure time and should be completed 30 minutes before departure time.

Business Class passengers usually check in either at separate check-in desk or prior to Economy Class passengers.

For our International passengers.

Travel documents. International passengers will travel most smoothly when they have necessary, valid travel documents with them: visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. required by laws of the countries from, over, or into which they fly. Should any require documents be missing, passage may be denied.


Check-in at Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal 1 for international flights is available 2 and a half hour before departure time so that International passengers could have enough time to go through passport control and customs.

Check-in at Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal 1 for international flights should be completed 40 minutes before departure time.

Business Class passengers usually check in either at separate desk or prior to Economy Class passengers.

Note: Please Check In Early - Reservations of passengers presenting themselves at the Airport Check-in Desk less than 30 minutes before scheduled departure for Domestic passengers and less than 40 minutes before scheduled departure for International passengers will be subject to cancellation and denied boarding compensation will not be applicable.

Connecting flights through Moscow. When passengers check-in for a TRANSAERO flight with a transfer at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, Terminal 1 (e.g. Vladivostok-Moscow-Los-Angeles), please inform the TRANSAERO’s representative at the airport of origin that you are flying through Moscow.

Please contact the TRANSAERO’s manager meeting your flight with the TRANSAERO’s signboard "TRANSIT" upon arrival to Moscow during passenger's disembarkation.

Recommended connecting time for connecting flights via Moscow between arrival to Moscow and departure from Moscow to an airport of destination is a minimum of 1.5 hours.


Checked baggage. The maximum dimensions (length+ wingth+ height) per each individual piece of checked baggage should be not more than 160 cm. The maximum weight per a single piece of checked baggage should not exceed 30 kg.

For adults and children aged 2 and over, there is a baggage allowance per person of:

Baggage in excess of the above allowances shall be charge an excess baggage rate per kgs and carried in the same aircraft provided that the necessary space is available or has been reserved in advance.

The baggage allowances do not apply to the following items:

TV sets, tape recorders, or other audio, video, or consumer electronics products weighing more than 10 kg

Carriage of the above-mentioned items is charged by weight regardless of the quantity of pieces of the other checked baggage of a passenger.

Different regulations apply for flights to and from the United States.

Class Number of pieces Maximum dimensions per piece (length+width+height) Maximum weight per piece Class Number of pieces Maximum dimensions per piece (length+width+height) Maximum weight per piece Business 2 158 cm 32 kg Economy 2 158 cm sum for two pieces 273 32 kg Business 2 158 cm 32 kg Economy 2 158 cm sum for two pieces 273 32 kg

Any baggage carried in excess of the above allowances will be subject to excess baggage fees.


Each passenger is entitled to take one piece of hand or carry-on baggage on board with dimensions not exceeding 55x40x20 cm and weight not greater than 5kgs. Items carried in the cabin must be stowed in an overhead compartment or under a seat.

Personal items

In addition to your free allowance you may also take the following - a lady’s handbag, an overcoat, a wrap or blanket, an umbrella or walking stick, a small camera, a pair of binoculars, a reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight, an invalid’s fully collapsed wheelchair and/or any other prosthetic device on which you dependent.

Infant’s food for consumption during flight and a carrycot will also be carried free of charge.


TRANSAERO offers Business Class Lounges for Business Class passengers awaiting departure at some airports.

Smoking on airline flights

There are special smoking sections on all TRANSAERO AIRLINES aircraft .Please make sure that you have the desired type of seat during check-in. In response to consumer demand TRANSAERO AIRLINES prohibits smoking on flights that are less than three hours.

On all other routes, smoking is not permitted during take off or landing, and strictly prohibited in the lavatories.

For the comfort of all the passengers, please do not smoke in the non-smoking section of the aircraft or in the aisles. Pipe and cigar smoking are not permitted in any section.

In accordance with the decision of the International Civil Aviation Organization and in response to the wishes of the majority of our passengers, TRANSAERO Airlines will declare all its flights completely smoke-free since 1997.

Carriage of firearms, ammunition and gasometers.

Keeping any kind of arm on board during the flight is prohibited.

Before completing chek-in formalities passengers must inform airlines stuff and officials about firearms and ammunition wishing to be carried.

a) Firearms.

Firearms may only be accepted if unloaded, dismantled and packed in appropriate locked and sealed metal boxes and the holder in pssession of special licence.

b) Ammunition.

Ammunition ( not a number of ) must be in chargers or cartridge-belts and packed in the same boxes as firearms.

Ammunition, firearms and other weapons shall only be accepted for carriage as checkd baggage.

Boxes with firearms and ammunition accepted for the flight and supplied with baggage tags are to be held out to passengers at the airport of arrival outside security safe zone.

c) Gasometers.

All kinds of gas-tankers, containers or gas-pistol cartridges are not acceptable for carrying no matter if under pessure or not.

Items that could be used as arm in any way ( such as knives axes, arbalets, pneumatic or hunting guns, sticks with havy or sharp tip ) and items imitating above mentiond ones are only carried as checked luggage of passengers.

Carriage of Portable Electronic Equipment.

Passengers must not use any transmitting equipment such as cellular telephones, walkie talkies or radio-controlled toys after engine start up or before engine shutdown. Other non-transmitting equipment such as CDs, radios, tape-players, lap top computers, calculators may be used as above but may also be used after take off when the "Seat belt signs" are off until the "Seat belt signs" are switched on again prior to landing. There are no restrictions on use of hearing aids and heart pacemakers.


Every effort is made to ensure punctuality of our services and special program has been introduced for on-time arrivals. But we cannot accept liability for the consequences of a delay, or a cancellation of any flight and cannot guarantee making connections.

Fares and tariffs

In additions to standard Business and Economy fares, TRANSAERO AIRLINES offers travelers a variety of special fares on domestic as on international routings. Certain restrictions apply depending on fare category. The number of seats available for these special fares is limited. TRANSAERO agent will always help you to choose the most attractive fare for any TRANSAERO flight.

The information below outlines TRANSAERO’s special fares depending on the itinerary.

Within Russia C.I.S.

Excursion Fares (Economy Class / YDD). Apply to direct TRANSAERO flights to / from Moscow and to connection flights via Moscow. Reservation and ticketing can be made at any time. No-show fee applies. Ticket validly is restricted to 3 months.

Reduced APEX Fares ( Economy class / YAP, YAB). Travelers are required to fulfill certain conditions in order to enjoy the benefits of these fares. Tickets issued are subject to 7 days advans purchase and confirmed reservations on all flights. A fee is charged for rebooking or cancellation.


Excursion fares ( YEE) and SuperPEX (YSX) fares apply in Economy as well as in Business class. Special fares for tourist groups are available also.

Europe( Germany/London/Paris)

In addition to excursion and PEX/APEX fares Transaero offers Youth Fares (YZZ) for travelers aged 24 or younger. Also, you can be upgraded to business class at no extra cost holding ticket issued upon standard economy class fare.

USA (Los Angeles)

New itinerary on the transatlantic route. Bargain fares from all Transaero destinations on the territory of Russia, CIS and Baltic States are available. Transaero sales agent will offer you the cheapest fare in a specified number of days before departure. These fares are restricted on validity. Extension of validity is permitted upon payment of a certain charge.

For any additional information please contact Transaero Sales office.

A variety of special discounts for children, infants, senior citizens andfamilies traveling together apply.