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The ASMAP should actively defend interests
of the Russian international road haulers at every level of authorities
(legislative, executive, judicial). That was the general meaning of speeches
that were ringing during the General Assembly of the members of the Association
of International Road Haulers which was held on May 29, 1996 at the "Planernaya"
recreation center near Moscow.

The Assembly, the 314 organizations-members had delegated their representatives
to, was opened by the ASMAP President Mr. Youri Soukhine,
doctor of Transport. Lively debates followed the main report delivered
by Mr. Soukhine.

Despite the steady annual increase of international road hauls, the
situation of the Russian road haulers at the transport market can be characterized
as critical, and that was mildly speaking. Only 20 per cent of the road
haulage between Russia and foreign countries is carried out by our national
transport companies. The Russian road hauls market has been occupied by

Reasons have remained unchanged for the recent several years (The 'IRH'
magazine has repeatedly informed of them). They are the unwise fiscal policy,
absence of major legal rules that should control international toad hauls
traffic, lack of financing, economic disorder.

From the ASMAP General Assembly podium, the road haulers addressed
an appeal to the RF Government Chairman Mr. Victor CHERNOMYRDINE
(The text is published below).

As was pointed out in the address, the question is not to allot some
additional investments from the State budget to improve the road haulers'
situation, but to temporarily weaken the fiscal pressure that could allow
transport companies to increase road haulage and, as a result, to transfer
much more tax money from their income in foreign currency.

As was adopted by the ASMAP General Assembly, the Association
should spread a wide and active campaign to defend interests of the Russian
international road haulers in the central press, on the Radio and TV.

After the speech delivered by the ASMAP Secretary-General Mr.
Arkady KOURCHINE, doctor of Transport, the Assembly resolved to adopt
160 enterprises and organizations as new members of the Association. The
work that has been carried out throughout the year was adopted as satisfactory.
On the basis of the suggestions announced at the Assembly by the road haulers,
the Assembly approved the basic directions of the ASMAP activity in 1996
and some major measures to be taken.

It was decided, for example, in order to increase safety of the road
hauls drivers, to work out, in co-ordination with the Main Traffic Department
of the RF Internal Affairs Ministry, a possibility to create on the route
from Vyborg to Moscow a satellite network and FM system to detect toad
hauls means. In co-operation with other parties concerned, it is planned
to start regular ferry service between the city of Astrakhan and sea ports
of Iran, a network of service stations on major routes of Russia, etc.

The 'IRH' magazine will inform its readers of how the decisions
are carried into effect in the coming issue. The Assembly also adopted
the Regulations concerning 'The Honour Code of the Russian International
Road Haulers' (The document is published below) and of a distinguishing
badge 'The Honourable ASMAP Worker'.