- Transport on Line -


The port fleet has 17 vessels which take full care of pilotage and mooring
and serve ships on roads. The berthing tugs "Taifun" of 5,000

"Ruslan" and "lnzhener Misan" of 2,500 h.p. each,
"Sadko" of 1,200 h.p. are engaged in mooring operations. Mooring
of targe ships (up to 100,000 tons) takes up to 3 hours.

Transport ships on roads are served by the launches "Kurs"
(64 passengers), "Sekstan" (70 passengers), the tugs "Vulkan"
and "Geizer" (315 h.p. each), the tug "Buran-12" (225
h.p.) Two oil skimmers and a bilge-water collector maintain the harbour