- Transport on Line -


The coal complex of Vostochny port is a unique engineering technical
construction in Russia. The complex provides handling large-capacity vessels
with draughts ever 16 metres. The first ship, "Konstantine Petrovsky",
was loaded at the complex on December 28, 1978. At the time the volume
of coal handling was not more than 2 min. Coal handling at the time was
done only with two ranks of coal.

At the present time the coal complex handles over 25 different ranks
of coal. It co-operates with such large Russian suppliers of coal as Yakutugol,
VossibUgol, Karboimpex, Dalintorg and others.

A new technological line was put into operation in 1995. Vostochny port
has got a possibility to handle over 12 min of coal a year.

THE EQUIPMENT OF THE COMPLEX The coal complex is equipped with the following
technological facilities:

- 2 car-dumpers. They provide unloading 600 cars a day

- 4 defrosting devices. They add to the car-dumper complex and give
the possibility to have normal unloading of the frozen coal in winter period.

- depot areas. They are equipped with the systems of sprinkling and
fire-extinguishing as well as stakers and reclaimers with working capacity
of 3,000 tons per hour. At the same time it is possible to store 680,000
tons of coal.



LENGTH is 360 metres

DEPTH is 15 metres

VESSELS DEADWEIGHT is 100,000 tons


Include 2 vessel-loading

machines to each wharf. Loading capacity is 3,000 tons of coal per hour.
They provide simultaneous loading of four vessels with cargo capacity up
to 18,000 tons; or two vessels with cargo capacity up to 100,000 tons.

Working hours:

Loading or unloading is done 24 hours a day. Seven days a week.

Below the diagram shows the change of volume of coal handling (exports)
since 1984. The increase of handling from 1984 till 1990, decrease of handling
during political and economical unstability in Russia in the period of
1991 through 1992 years and growing of the volumes of coal handling during
1993 through 1996 years which is the time of stabilization of economics
in Russia.