- Transport on Line -


Vostochny port is the largest Far-Eastern port of Russia. The port has
year round navigation, a deep water one, suitable for handling large tonnage
ships. It is joined by truck roads and railways with other regions of Russia
and the countries of CIS. It is from here that Trans Siberian Container
Lines, the shortest way from Asia to Europe, starts.

Vostochny port is located in immediate vicinity of Japan and at equally
remote distances from the largest centres of trade activity of Asia Pacific
region countries of Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

Vostochny port is a part and an area of a fast developing region of
Far East. At the distance of 30 kms from it there is the city and the port
of Nakhodka. Vostochny port is joined with it by a highway and a railway.
The city of Nakhodka and Vostochny port both have the status of the free
economic zone of "Nakhodka". It deeply broadens possibilities
for investments by foreign businessmen into development of the port and
in the future it will produce the most active influence on the economic
development of a modern port.