- Transport on Line -


1860 Lieutenant-colonel V.I. Babkin of the Naval Fleet Navigators Corps
found, investigated and named in honour of B.V. Vrangel a deep-water bay.

1971 Starting date for the construction of Vostochny port.

1973 The first cargo-handling complex dealing with timber brought into
operation. Motorship "Shadrinsk" of Far-Eastern Shipping company
was put to loading export timber for Japan.

1974 The Minister of Merchant Marine Fleet of the USSR issued the order
to establish a merchant marine port in the bay of Vrangel named "Vostochny

1975 The chip handling complex equipped with industrial television and
the most up-to-date pneumo-reloading plant was brought into operation.

1976 The container terminal equipped with information computing Center
was brought into operation.

1978 Coal-handling complex was brought into operation. With the start
of operation of the complex the first stage of the construction of the
port was completed.

1983 Container wharf #7 was brought into operation.

1985 Container terminal wharf #6 was brought into operation.

1992 august Vostochny port became one of the first joint stock companies
in Nakhodka area.

1995 Vostochny port served as a basis for establishing joint stock company
"Agrokhimexport", and in 1994 they started construction of the
complex consisting of three wharves with the overall length of 6.25 metres
being 15.5 metres deep.

1994 Marine Administration of Vostochny port was established on the
basis of Vostochny port.

1995 Joint stock company of closed type "Eastern International
Container Service" was established.