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RUSSIA, 692907
TLX: 213801 ZENIT RU;
PHONE: (42366) 52087,52418;
FAX: (42366) 40866,45767;
INT. PAX: +7 (50491) 52305.

"PETRA-Vostochny" Co., Ltd is atransport forwarding company,
realizing a systematic approach to the cargo transportation:

- arrange delivery of cargo from seller to buyer, negotiate with ship-owner
and air companies to choose for client the most available traffics of cargo

- forward export, import and transit cargoes, passing via Vostochny

- arrange/on client's order/restuffing van-container, ref. container
- ref. van and so on.

Transport - forwarding activities include making documentation for customs
clearance / declatation / of all kinds of cargo going in export, import,
transit directions.

- well-trained expert in cargo customs clearance do all necessary formalities
in short period of time and with good results.

We are ready to be a customs broker and customs clearance of your cargo.

- experienced interpreters help you in translation of contracts, commercial
invoices and other cargo documents from English, German into Russian.

- you can receive consultations concerning ail questions of customs


Legal Address:
Russia, 692907 pos. Vrangel - 1
Tel: (42366) 52375,
Fax: (42366) 47806.

Director General : PIROZHENKO Yuri

Public share - holding company "Agrokhimvostokexport" is a
daughter enterprise of public company Vostochny port. The company has been
established for developing Vostochny port while attracting the interested
investors' means who are guaranteed lower tariffs as compared with the
market ones in shipping and handling their cargoes. The company puts to
life the project involving construction of a cargo - handling complex which
is to comprise three wharves with overall length up to 625 metres and the
depth near the wharves' wall up to 13.5 metres. At the present time they
have finished filling the territory of the complex with the ground, assembled
arailway the complex from Nakhodka -Vostochnaya railway station, completed
the construction of the railway park depot which comprises three railways
480 metres long each and they have started the construction of hydrotechnical
part of the wharves. From territorial point of view the complex occupies
the shore line from Coal Complex up to the mouth of Khmylovka - river.
As the wharves of the Complex are universal they plan to handle general,
timber and bulk cargoes.