- Transport on Line -


Agency service to Soviet vessels at Vostochny Port is rendered by a
branch of the "Transflot" Fleet Service Division, with headquarters
in Vladivostok.

"Transflot" services are

- to meet arriving ships and consult Master on the port's customs and

- to take care of the ship's mail

- to deliver cash onboard;

- to deliver ship instruments and stores onboard; - to provide motor
transport service;

- to take orders and make arrangements for the work of clearance teams

- to arrange trunk-line telephone calls on business; - to provide complete
information to ships on any service matters. Fast quality service to ships
depends on whether orders are placed in time and in full and on how closely
ship's officers co-operate with the "Transflot" Agency.

Shipping Agency & Shipbrokers Company, residents at Vostochny, Russia,
established on 22nd of February, 1996 with the following Profile:

Full style as follows:

Name: Vostochny Shipping Services "VISS" Co., Ltd.

Capitalized: US$40,000.00

Employs: 5 agents

Postal Address:

692907, STZ - 2

Ugolny Complex, Vrangel - 3, Primorsky Krai, Russia,

Fax: (50491)52134

(Asia - Sat system - Nakhodka Telecom)

Tel: (42366)52221,59512

Tlx: 213879VissRU

Persons-in-Charge: Vladimir V. Podvalov - President

Ivan 1. Kotchev - Director

Rates of Agency Fees:

with 10PCT discount compared to our competitors

Rates of Communication systems: same as above Services rendered by Company:

* to ships, their crew, cargo loaded onto the ship or unloaded ex-ship;

* to Shipowners, Charterers assisting them to allocate their tonnage
with higher efficiency;

* to cargo owners assisting them to ship their cargoes ex- Vostochny,
Nakhodka, Vladivostok, other Far East Russian ports.