- Transport on Line -


A new geographical name Vostochny Port located in the bay of Vrangel
20 kms east of the city of Nakhodka has appeared on the map of Russian
Far East in 1970. 26 years period is not a great term. Those were the years
of formation, growth and gaming the reputation of an honest, reliable and
conscientious partner at the international business market. Natural conditions
(Vostochny port is located in a picturesque never freezing bay having natural
depths up to 20 metres deep) contributed to that as well as did, to the
greater degree, new economic conditions of Russia.

In 1992 the port was reformed into a joint stock company of public type,
where the State owns only 20% of the shares now. At present 6 investment
projects to develop the port have been worked out and are being realized.
Due to the attracted investments the port develops new facilities actively.
Among those you can see the following:

- completion of the construction of the new wharf number 13 which is
to be used for import, of alumina from Australia as well as for export
of first grade aluminium to the countries of Asia Pacific region:

- establishment of Russian German joint stock company "Agrokhimexport"
and realization of construction of the complex to export mineral fertilizers
and general cargoes with annual capacity up to 3 min tons.

Oil tank farm to be used for exporting oil refining products made in
Russia in the volume up to 4 min tons per year is under construction in
full swing.

A project of great importance is reconstructing railways. Shareholding
company "Brother & Sister" is established to do that. By
using the joint stock capital of Russian companies interested in the project
a great volume of reconstruction .work has been done at Nakhodka-Vostochnaya
railway station.

A great perspective we connect to the construction of the elevator for
handling grain. "Mitsubishi Corporation" participates in the
project and it will have the annual capacity up to 6 min tons.

We conduct feasibility studies to construct a new complex for exporting
Russian timber with the capacity up to 1.5 min cubic metres a year with
preliminary processing of the wood. It was Vostochny port that was in the
number of the initiators of the project to open an airport in Zolotaya
Dolina (Golden valley) area.

Russian American industrial park located near the port which has been
allocated 200 hectares of land.is primarily the baby of Vostochny port.

At the distance of 7 kms from the port the works to construct the Korean
industrial park have been started. More than 100 companies from Republic
of Korea have expressed their wish to participate in them.

Along with the development of the port goes on the construction of the
settlement of the port workers. Vrangel's beautiful unique nature of Vostochny
port plus modern housing conditions are sure to make the profession of
the port worker more prestigious.

All those projects and expected preferential taxation for the territory
of free economic zone of Nakhodka can make our area attractive for potential
investors. We are waiting for you, honourable businessmen!

G. ZHEBELEV. Director General, joint stock company "VOSTOCHNY PORT"